Why You Should Consider Relocating For Your First Job

Branch out and start your career somewhere new.

Work location is a major factor for anyone undergoing a job search. New remote work policies may enable employees at some companies to live and work wherever they want, while on-site and hybrid work schedules at other employers offer valuable team-building and skill-building opportunities to take advantage of at a specific office location. Whether you are searching for a job that takes place remotely, on-site, or some combination of the two, there’s one thing all of these have in common—you will still need to decide where to live when you start working.

Your job search is a great opportunity to expand your personal as well as your professional horizons. Perhaps you’ve only lived in urban areas, but you’d like to try a more suburban or rural environment. Or maybe you want to live somewhere with a different climate or geography. Or maybe you’ve always dreamed of living in a big city like New York or San Francisco. If you’ve been thinking about relocating for your first job, here are some of the benefits to keep in mind.

You can start your career in a place with a lower cost of living 

Relocating can be a good move from a financial standpoint. The cost of living varies dramatically across the country, and starting your career in a place with a lower cost of living may allow you to save more money, increase your retirement contributions, or pay off student loans faster. Some states and cities don’t have income tax either, which means more money in your pocket!

Another benefit is that your paycheck can go further in low cost of living areas, so you may be able to afford a larger living space or be able to live without roommates. This can be especially valuable if your job allows you to work from home a few days each week, and if you want to set up a dedicated workspace away from your “living” space.


Some employers offer the same role in multiple locations

If you’re interested in working in a specific job function or industry but aren’t set on a location yet, look into employers with offices across the country. Companies with multiple offices enable employees in the same role across the organization to gain professional experience and benefit from the company’s culture while living in the location that suits them the best. For example, at PURE Insurance, the Underwriting Analyst role is available at offices across the country, which include locations as diverse as Scottsdale, Chicago, San Diego, New York City, and White Plains, NY.

Something else to consider for employers with multiple offices is that you may have opportunities to start your career in one location and then transfer to another location within the same company in the future. Other companies specifically offer rotational programs that expose employees to different offices within the company throughout their first few years.


Many employers offer relocation assistance

If you’re concerned about the cost or logistics of relocating for a job, some employers provide relocation assistance. Relocation assistance comes in many different forms. Companies may provide a one-time stipend, offer support in finding a place to live, cover transportation costs to the new location, pay for a moving company to ship your belongings, or provide temporary housing until you get situated in your new home.

Some employers will list relocation assistance on their benefits page, but others offer relocation assistance on a case-by-case basis. For example, Lockheed Martin specifically lists on the job description if a position is eligible for relocation assistance. Deloitte’s relocation assistance program reimburses employees for costs incurred during their transfer to their new work location.

PURE Insurance takes another approach, providing both a sign-on bonus and a relocation stipend. This means employees can start their careers with up to $10,000, even before working, which can help alleviate many of the stressors that new grads face after college. PURE Insurance’s relocation assistance doesn’t just stop at financial support, however. They also offer a number of additional benefits and initiatives that help their employees build relationships with coworkers and integrate into their new community. By offering happy hours, community social impact events, volunteering time off, money to take passion courses to explore their interests beyond work, and more PURE Insurance makes sure that their newly relocated employees can experience a smooth transition to their new hometown.


So, is it all about location, location, location?

Relocating for your first job can be appealing because it gives you the opportunity to explore somewhere new. However, it’s important that the main reason for your move is the opportunity and because you find the role exciting, not just because the location you’re moving to is exciting. Location is important to include as a factor in your decision, but it is just as important to ensure that the role, company, and industry are also a good fit for you.

At the beginning of your career, you have the opportunity to start fresh and set yourself up for the years ahead. It’s important that you start with a role that you love and are excited about — and if that role is located in a city you’ve always wanted to explore, even better!


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